Workers' Compensation Unpaid Bills

November 10, 2010

If your bills are not getting paid while you are off work or partially paid the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act can protect you. There is a lot to worry about when you are injured at work.  When will I be able to work again? Will I be able to work in the same capacity?  How will I provide for my family during this hard time?  How am I going to pay my medical bills?  How do I make sure my employer is held responsible and does what they are supposed to do?  The answer to at least one of these questions can be answered by contacting an attorney.

Your employer is required to pay your medical bills.  If medical bills are not paid, they may be sent to a collection agency.  If a collection agency is contacting you to recover payment, do not worry. The Illinois Workers Compensation Act has protections to stop bill collectors before your credit rating is affected or you are sued. The best way to make sure that is true, is to contact an attorney.  An attorney who is well-versed in workers' compensation law can file an emergency motion with the Workers' Compensation Commission to get your medical bills paid in a timely manner by your employer. 

You have the right to have your medical bills paid 100% in a workers' compensation case if the treatment is connected, reasonable and necessary. To make sure your employer is complying with the law, you should contact your Illinois Work Injury Attorney.